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Insurance Transcription Services

Sometimes you can have a lot of audios or videos for your insurance company. They may be for the initial contract between the company and client or client's claim. Having the audio visual files transcribed is useful for filing purposes and also for convenience.

You ought to find the best insurance transcription company to convert your files to texts. The essence of this is that such company will transcribe your files professionally using the correct insurance terms as they appear such as; the insured, premium, contract, and claim. Our company is ranked at the top alongside other transcription companies offering transcription services.

However, we have the flat rate as $0.99/min. Besides, we have a record of the best insurance transcriptionists who ensures quality transcription to that effect giving an accuracy rate of about 98%. Your satisfaction is our foundation and if not attained.

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The reason why a serious insurance company should opt for transcription of its files is the convenience associated with it. It becomes cumbersome to listen to audios as opposed to reading. Reading a text is so fast and also simple to send the same file may be through email address. Some clients do issue fraud claims and if transcribed and filed, may be used later in legal matters.

Get your files transcribed to utilize your company's data storage unit. Texts occupy smaller space in your computer system as compared to audio and video.

We have all you need to have your job done in your way just from the kind of support we give you in terms of 24/7 customer care service, uploading your files and having your completed order back.

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